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“We are extremely happy with our care provider that Douglas In-Home Care referred to us. She is doing an amazing job. In fact, my husband insisted that I come into the Douglas office to directly leave a positive review for our care provider because it truly is so hard to find a good caregiver, and we are very grateful. She is never on her personal phone, she is very well spoken, and she focuses her time on providing the best care for my husband. She goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

Mrs. Saxonis, wife of Douglas client

“I just want you all to know how grateful and happy I am to have Douglas In-Home Care in my life now. I truly did not know what I was going to do anymore, I was at my wits end, until I found Douglas to assist me. My care provider has done an amazing job. I cannot thank you enough!”

Mrs. Crawford, Douglas client

“I was very pleased that every time I called the office, there was a pleasant voice on the other end. It was exactly what I needed. My husband adored his care provider who assisted with all his needs. He said she was gentle, caring, and kind, and that he misses her presence in the home. Thankfully my husband’s health has improved, but if either of us ever need home care services again, we will return to Douglas.”

Mrs. Thomas, wife of Douglas client